Braydon goes back to school

11 February 2015

Braydon is 6 years old, from East Sussex, and is currently being home schooled due to major anxieties over mainstream settings.

He has started to attend the KIDS Heathfield After School Club on a Thursday.  

His mum Jodyne recently told us that Braydon had a great time on his first visit, and couldn't wait to go back the next week.

She said, "it was so lovely to hear him speak so positively about something that he has done without me, and for him to want to do it again as well, even my mum was excited for him".

Braydon has been to look around the school where the club is run, and is really hopeful that he can start to attend there shortly. This is the first time that he has wanted to go back to a "real school"!

We are all really happy for Braydon and hopes he has a great time when he goes back to school.


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