Short Breaks partnership and promotional films

26 June 2016

KIDS have been part of a Short Breaks partnership group working together with the Council for Disabled Children, Action for Children and Contact a Family for the last year.

KIDS' role was to work with children and young people to produce a film promoting short breaks, making it accessible to other children and young people with disabilities.

To start the process, we asked the young people we work with what they wanted in the film. They told us that they wanted it to be lively, colourful and exciting. Our young people really loved being involved in this project and had fun making the film. They enjoyed being part of our Young people engagement groups and told us "We are working together to make the future better" , "Since making the film, I've had more confidence to talk in front of other people" and "Being in the film was a great experience for me".

Check out the finished film below or here and Georgia's, Mike's and Chelsea's short break stories. 

We hope you enjoy watching what you can do on a Short Break, to find out more about Short Breaks in your area click here.
Resources can also be found on our E Learning site.


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