The Undateables is back!

13 January 2015

The Undateables is a very exciting TV programme.  It takes those that may usually find it a bit more difficult in the dating world - for example, those with special educational needs, who find it harder to meet and communicate with new people - and match them up with potential dates.

The show is in its fourth series now. Its success lies mainly on the fact that it doesn't make fun or patronise those who take part. Instead what we get is a real, honest portrayal of what it's like to have a disability and a love life.

Series 4 started last Monday 5 January, where we saw Alex, a teenage guy with autism, go on his first date with Eloise, who has Asperger's. There was a mixture of emotions as Alex thought about the difficulty of meeting new people and having things to say in conversation, but the date went well, and the pair have been on a second date since.

Alex was able to learn about relationships and how communication is an important part of them. At KIDS we support young people like Alex with our Relationships and Sexuality groups. Young disabled people aged 13 to 25 are empowered to have the knowledge around relationships and sexuality that they may have missed out on, and ensures they have increased confidence and can make informed decisions. Attendees can also get the chance to mentor and lead the groups themselves. Want to find out more?

I'm looking forward to tonight's episode of The Undateables, as I'm sure they'll be many more positive messages of how having a disability doesn't have to hold you back. 

Catch The Undateables on Monday's at 9pm on Channel 4

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