Basingstoke Short Breaks

How does the service work? 

KIDS Basingstoke operates inclusive short breaks for all children aged 4-7 years. These operate through school holidays on certain dates between 9am and 3pm. The sessions offer a range of activities and occasional trips out to local attractions. All needs of children are met to ensure they achieve outstanding outcomes.

To enable children to attend short breaks we offer a stay and play session. This allows parents to stay and fill in the relevant paperwork while children become familiar with the setting. Parents can then call or email to reserve a place for their child to attend on dates they desire.  

Who is the service for?

Inclusive care for disabled children aged 4 years to 7 years 11 months.

What are the benefits of the service?

Children and young people grow in confidence and independence through play and activities.

Parents are able to have a set time weekly to relax, or spend quality time with their other children.

When is it on? 

October 2015- 26th,29th,30th

December 2015-5th, 29th,30th

February 2016- 15th, 19th

March 2016- 29th,31st

April 2016 - 5th, 7th 

How to access this service

Parents can call or email, then book a visit to the setting. The child will have a stay and play session to support a full transition, fill out the required paperwork and then bookings for short breaks can be made.
Call Jane Woodhouse or Sophie Al-Noah on: 01256 464750