Chelsea Adventure Playground

How does the service work?

Play is freely chosen, personally directed by the children so they choose when, how and what to play.
They decide the rules and roles they take within their play, so they have as much independence in their play environment as possible. 
They have a sense of ownership which enables them to make choices, develop friendships, feel safe and have fun.

Our environment offers adventurous play in a safe, creative and stimulating environment. We aim to provide all children using the playground with equal access to all activities.   

Outside there is a large play area, a pirate ship, a sports trampoline, a nest swing, all sorts of different bikes and a variety of exciting play structures. So there is lots of space for all kinds of physical play!

Inside we have a soft play area, a ball pool, plenty of room forarts and crafts, a chill out zone and quiet room as well as a lovely kitchen. The whole site is securely fenced.

Who is the service for?

Children with disabilities, siblings, friends, local children. Schools, nurseries, respite groups and after-school groups.

When is it on?
Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10.00-18.00 (School Holidays)
Wednesday 10.00-18.00 (School Holidays)
Thursday 10.00-18.00 (School Holidays)
Friday Closed
Saturday 10.00-18.00
Sunday Closed
  Can open on other days by special arrangement

How to access this service

Referrals for the sessions can be made through the local authority or directly by parents.

Contact Sarah Randal on 020 7352 6959 or 07917 425307

KIDS Chelsea Playground, Royal Hospital Grounds, Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4SR
Sorry, this event is now closed.