Hull Parents Forum

The Parents’ Forum was formed by KIDS at the request of senior managers within health and the local authority.  The Forum now has approximately 80 parent members with a core group of 15-20 parents who attend most meetings. Members represent children and young people with a range of disabilities and additional needs. 

How does the service work?

I have been a member of the Parents’ Forum for a number of years. I find it fantastic to be part of it, as over the years we have proved that we really can make a difference. The local authority is keen to listen and consult with parents and I think it's a very important role to get our views across. We as families of disabled children are the beneficiaries of those services after all. I have found being on the forum very empowering and I have become a much more assertive advocate for my child as a consequence. Along the way I have made good friends and found a network of people in similar circumstances which are a great source of support. 

The forum works closely with those who provide services for disabled children and their families to promote the quality, range and availability of services for all disabled children and their families in Hull. 

Who is the service for?

Any parent or carer.

What does the service provide?

The Forum aims to ensure the invaluable views of parents and carers are heard.

The direct discussions with senior managers within the local authority and health services promotes the planning, commissioning and delivery of services in the city and region.

When does it happen?

The main forum meets bi-monthly on Thursday evenings, 7pm.

Informal forum discussions occur during the day on alternate months.

Daytime and evening focus groups are also held.

A Dad’s Group also meets bimonthly and feeds into the main Forum.

How to access this serviceIf you are interested in joining this group and/or would like to attend the next meeting please contact us using the details below.


Sue Wilson on 01482 467540

KIDS, 182 Chanterlands Avenue, Hull HU5 4DJ