Keyworking (Hull)

A family focused service which provides a specialist designated Keyworker for families with disabled children or complex needs living in Hull.

How does the Keyworking service work?

The Designated Keyworker Service offers a single point of contact to families accessing more than one service or with multiple medical appointments. The Keyworker's main job is to work with other agencies (health, education, social care and the voluntary sector) to provide advice, information, emotional and practical support to families.

Who is the service for?
"My Keyworker has totally turned our life around. Providing support  for us on a number of issues. She has been a massive help at a time when I needed it most. I cannot thank her enough"

Families of children and young people who are disabled and/or those with complex health needs who live in Hull.

Families can be offered or request the Early Support of the Designated Keyworker at any stage, for example during pregnancy where a specific problem has been identified, at birth, pre-school or at any time up to the child/young person’s 19th birthday.

How does Keyworking help families?

As soon as a young child is identified as needing additional help, parents/carers can rely on the Designated Keyworkers for information and support. For example: education, social and health services and those services provided by the voluntary sector.

The Designated Keyworkers can ensure that the help and support parents/carers receive is well planned, co-ordinated and targeted to their specific needs

The Designated Keyworker Service is able to respond flexibly to meet individual family needs. 

How to access the Keyworking service

Referrals can be made directly to KIDS

Phone: 01482 467540


KIDS Yorkshire & The Humber, 182 Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, HU5 4DJ