KIDS Basingstoke Nursery

Places are available
How does the service work?
  • An inclusive setting that works closely with all families to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. Children are able to go through a transition process when starting. 
  • Offers a range of resources available for parents to use at home to support their child's development
  • SEN Hub for the area
  • Hosts a Time For Me group every week where parents/carers of Early Years disabled children can meet together (crèche available)
  • Short breaks in the form of play schemes throughout school holidays.

Who is it for?Children aged 0-5 (Nursery)
Children aged 4-7 (Short breaks)

Benefits of attending

Children who attended the nursery get to access the different learning opportunities and will be supported where needed. Our children make a great progress in the enriched environment.

Day Term time School holidays
Monday 8am-6pm Open
Tuesday 8am-6pm Open
Wednesday 8am-6pm Open
Thursday 8am-6pm Open
Friday 8am-6pm Open
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

How to access the service
Get in contact to book a viewing. A stay and play session is offered to support a full transition to all children. 

Volunteering opportunitiesBoth students and adults can volunteer with us to develop their learning/career. 


"Staff are friendly and helpful, always willing to listen to parents"
"My child likes the range of activities available"
"My child likes the different gardens available to children in pre-school"
"Staff willing to go the extra mile to support child’s individual needs"
"My child likes the wide range of toys available"


01256 464750 
Sorry, this event is now closed.