Northamptonshire Direct Short Breaks

What are Direct Short Breaks? “My son does not like change and has had the same two KIDS workers supporting him for the last 14 months, this really makes a difference to him and us as we relax knowing he is cared for by people who understand his needs”

Each family is allocated a short break worker who will provide 6 hrs hours of respite per month. The short break worker focuses on the individual needs and wishes of the child.

Direct Short Breaks service works closely in partnership with parents and other professionals so together we can work towards meeting the best outcomes for the child or young person.
The service is regularly reviewed and closely monitored by the service manager. The service gives parents and main care givers the opportunity to spend time 1-1 with other siblings and the increase the self-esteems and confidence in the child or young person receiving the break as they access a wider range of activities and experiences on their KIDS breaks.

When are they available? 

Day Time
Monday 07.00-0.00
Tuesday 07.00-0.00
Wednesday 07.00-0.00
Thursday 07.00-0.00
Friday 07.00-0.00
Saturday 07.00-0.00
Sunday 07.00-0.00

ContactContact the Direct Short Breaks helpline via phone or email, or the local service manager

Direct Short Breaks 0845 453 1000

Service Manager: Rosie Cooke

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