Russell House

The residential short breaks service at Russell House aims to enhance the quality of young people’s lives, promoting dignity, independence and access to universal provision.

Children and young people are able to stay overnight, away from home, with their peers in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Young people and their families are central to all decisions relating to the services they receive.  The service is sensitive to the needs and wishes of the individual and takes into account a young person’s disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, culture, race and language.

The service ensures effective communication at all times in partnership with the young person their parents and external agencies.

The practitioners ensure that there is a coordinated holistic approach to achieve the best outcomes for the young people accessing the service.


How does the service work?Russell House is a purpose built setting, comprising seven individual bedrooms. The 4 downstairs bedrooms can be used for young people with physical disabilities and we have appropriate resources to meet their specific requirements.

The three rooms upstairs are used for the more abled bodied.

Each young person will be encouraged to personalise their own room during their stay.

There are two bathrooms. One being a Wet room, consisting of a shower, toilet and sink. One being a complete spacious bathroom, with a mobility bath, separate shower, sink and toilet.

A communal Lounge, with a cinema surround sound projector, DVD player, a X-Box and Wii system and three large settees.

Upstairs we have a more quieter/chill out lounge, which has a TV, games console and DVD player.

The kitchen is quite spacious with low surfaces to enable the young people to help with preparation and cooking.

We have a large dining room where we encourage all young people and staff to eat their meals.

The house has a large enclosed garden area which is easily accessible and has a vast array of sensory equipment. 

We have a Soft play room, where young people can have fun and let off steam.

Who is the service for?

Children and young people who have a wide range of disabilities:

  • Mild and severe learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities and/or sensory impairment
  • Children on the Autism spectrum
  • Epilepsy

We can provide Young people in need of a living situation that provides clear boundaries and expectations.

We can work with Young people who may display behaviours that challenge.

We can assist Young people to develop social and independence skills.

In some instances, we may be able to accommodate emergency placements.

What are the benefits of attending?We aim to provide a friendly, homely environment, which is safe and secure, comfortable, stimulating, fun, well equipped and encouraging. We provide opportunities, to build relationships outside of the home, both with other young people and adults. Staying with us will extend young people’s experiences, by providing opportunities to develop independence and to provide leisure activities both in the home and in the wider community. We also provide support and continuity to families by recognising their needs through flexible, regular planned breaks and occasional emergency back-up.

When is it on?

Day Term-Time School Holidays
Monday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day
Tuesday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day
Wednesday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day
Thursday Closed  Closed
Friday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day
Saturday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day
Sunday 15:00-15:00 next day 15:00-15:00 next day

The House can accommodate 7 young people at one time.
Sometimes there are variances on timings, subject to the individual needs of the Young Person.

How to access this service

Referalls must be made through South Gloucestershire 0-25 Service: South Gloucestershire Council, The Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, BS37 5AF


Steve Watkins on or 01454 614129