Southwark Portage Home Learning Service Including Development Play Sessions

The Southwark Portage/Home Learning Service is a home visiting educational service for preschool children with additional support needs, and their families. The Developmental Play Sessions are for children aged up to 2 years old for whom there are some concerns about their general development, or if they have a disability.

How does the service work?

Portage offers a framework of support with regular home visits, by a trained Portage Practitioner. After sharing your understanding of your child’s individual gifts, abilities and support needs a Portage Practitioner will visit your home weekly to look at what your child does and work with you to plan fun activities that will take your child onto the next step of their development. The activities, with supporting equipment, are left with you to work on with your child during the week. The key to portage home visiting is the partnership between the family and Portage Practitioner. We will also liaise with other professionals to ensure a ‘joint up’ approach to our working.

We will:

- identify long term goals

- use small steps to deciding what to do next

- monitor progress

- try out a new activities

Developmental Play Sessions

Our Developmental Play Sessions are for children aged 2 and under for whom there are some concerns about their general development, or if they have a disability.

We aim to:

- Use play to support your child’s development.

- Give you ideas for activities you could try with your child at home.

- Support you to introduce your child to a range of sensory play and messy play experiences.

- Give your child the opportunity to socialise with other children.

- Give you the opportunity to meet other parents and carers, to share experiences and offer support


Who is the service for?

Children from the London Borough of Southwark who are under five years old with two or more areas of concerns for their development and are not attending any preschool provision (ie Nursery). 

What are the benefits of attending?

It helps the development of your child, supporting their educational needs plus working on transitioning your child into nursery / school etc.

How much does it cost?


When is it on?

Portage/Home Learning sessions take place in the home weekly at mutually agreed times. 

Development Play Sessions take place at Southwark Children Centres (Rye Oak Childrens Centre, SE15 3PD) on a weekly basis during term time only. 

Day Term-Time School Holidays
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How to access this service

Professionals can refer to us via the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Parents can contact us directly for more information and to self refer. Come in and see us for some more information at our drop in session at Sunshine House (on the corner of St Giles Road and Peckham Road in Camberwell) every Friday morning 9:30am until 12.


For more information or to make a referral, please call the team on 0207 635 9080 or email

KIDS Portage/Home Learning Service , 19 Buller Close, Bells Gardens, Peckham, SE15 6UJ

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