I'm an Early Years Practitioner...Get Me Out of Here!

15 November 2013

The Early Years Team are embarking on an I'm an Early Years Practitioner...Get Me Out of Here! style fundraising event. 

The practitioners who work at KIDS' Early Years centre in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham will be spending a chilly night camping in the Early Years Garden and undertaking trials for basic food rations!

The team will be raising money through sponsorship and votes.  All votes will count towards a practitioner undertaking a dreaded ‘Bushtucker Trial!’  Each practitioner will be keeping a personal filmed diary log during the evening for your viewing.

Launches: Sunday 17 November, so get your votes in early (Each vote costs £1*)

All money raised through this exciting experience will be used to replace the bark in the Early Years' garden area to further improve the outdoor learning experience for the disabled children that attend our centre in Wylde Green. 

*Please note that votes cast past Friday 15
 November may not be counted but will definitely still be charged.

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