Making your event inclusive

14 January 2015

Following the success of KIDS Inclusion Guidance and Checklist for Playday, we are launching a NEW 'Inclusion Guidance and Action Checklist for Community Events'.

The guidance and checklist will support community groups to plan a more accessible and inclusive event, promoting equality of opportunity and supporting local communities to encourage:

  • more disabled children and young people to have the opportunity to choose to meet their non-disabled peers and take part in a way which suits them 
  • more families of disabled children to have the opportunity to meet more people in their community and socialise with them 
  • more disabled adults to be able to support, join in and attend 
  • the identification, development and support of good practice within the community 
  • working towards meeting the requirements of the Equality Duty taking 'positive action' to include everyone in the community 
  • the creation of a community – wide approach to tackling disability related discrimination 

KIDS Inclusion Guidance and Action Checklist for Community Events

If you are interested in receiving more information about KIDS consultation services and how we can support you or your organisation, please contact


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