Making a difference

Our work helps disabled children and young people to gain independence, social skills and self confidence. We are very proud of the reputation of the services that we deliver to disabled children, young people and their families. 

"My child has been attending Kids Nursery in Basingtoke since July 2014.

"I am very happy and satisfied with all aspects of the service that they provide.  It is a child centred provision with plenty of play and learning opportunities.  In particular I am impressed with the high levels of communication.  The key worker for my child is ALWAYS available to greet my child in the morning, listen to any handover comments from me and settle him in.  He is always greeted warmly and welcomed in. The communication book is completed every session that he attends.  Any notes that I make in this book are always read and action taken if necessary.  When I collect him at the end of the session his key worker is always there to hand him over with any relevant comments and say goodbye. I am confident that, should I have any concerns that would be listened to and taken seriously.  If I have requested a meeting with his key worker this has always been facilitated without delay. A huge amount of work has been put into his nursery journey book and I know it will always be treasured.

"Another aspect of the service provided at Kids which is exceptional is the level of confidentiality and security.  The staff are well trained and adhere to the procedures at all times.  It is clear that safeguarding is a priority within the nursery and this is reassuring.  I have no concerns whatsoever about the safety of my child whilst he is there.

"It is vitally important that each child is treated as an individual and this is definitely the case at Kids.  The staff are caring whilst maintaining clear boundaries and they have an expectation of acceptable behaviour.  I have been working in child care for 27 years, including managing an Out of School provision, and Kids is the most inclusive setting I have ever come across.

"The administration of the nursery is calm and efficient.  Queries are dealt with promptly and politely, whether by email, telephone or in person." 

“It’s like a day off. I get to be a mother on the days he’s at the KIDS nursery – rather than his constant carer.” 

Jenny, mother of George who attended a KIDS inclusive nursery. 

"Now we go on KIDS Weekend Activity Breaks. It’s a family break. We all went to an outward bound centre. We did canoeing, abseiling, climbing, a zip wire and Bryce and Lucy just adored it. The main thing is having the support around you. Other mothers just don’t understand what it’s like to have a kid with a disability. Our family life is great now.”
Julie, mother of Lucy and Bryce, who has autism.

"The developmental play sessions were a turning point that opened a whole new world of opportunities for all of us. Not only did Ellis have a wonderful time exploring the fibre-optic lighting and soft-play furnishings but we and our daughter received the support we need too."
Annette and Graeme, parents of Ellis, who has cerebral palsy

"It was heaven to meet other parents and discover there were other people out there who, like me, didn't have a clue why their children were how they were. You go through a lot of guilt and look for someone to blame. We are all a support for each other. I always say being introduced to KIDS was like being given my sanity."
mother of Rebecca, who has epilepsy and learning disabilities

Jon has settled in so well in the Young Carers Group – I am so pleased it is giving him some enjoyment in his life – at last"
Parent of a young carer, aged 10

“Each week I have two KIDS’ respite carers who come in at different times. They give me support and my parents a break from caring for me. Having KIDS carers has allowed me to get out and about more and do things, like anyone else. KIDS means companionship for me. It gives my parents a break and they can see I’m doing something worthwhile and developing, taking part in activities with my friends and at mainstream school. The KIDS’ workers even help me with homework. They are someone for me to talk to about stuff outside of my family.”
Young service user, South East Region

"KIDS Young Carers has been a great help in developing my own confidence and has also helped me to accept the fact about the situation of having a disabled sister. There is no other youth group quite like the Young Carers Project."
Young carer aged 14

"We were recommended KIDS by a social worker. After a bit of persuasion we went and it was absolutely brilliant. You realise you're not the only one with problems. It was the start of long climb back to normality for us."
Nick, father of Alex, who has Down's Syndrome

“Children have access to an excellent range of appropriate resources and equipment that are maintained well and conform to safety standards. They are well organised to create an accessible environment where they can be independent learners.”

“Staff respond exceptionally well to the children and with great enthusiasm. They supervise every activity that takes place and constant communication goes on between staff and children. They laugh and joke with the children, whilst offering a supportive role in relation to their emotional needs.”

“Due to the fact that children are supported so well by staff, children are confident in their play and will take part in activities that take them out of their comfort zone and challenge them. They squeal with delight when using the structure play equipment, especially when staff take part in the activities with them.”

Regulatory evaluation - Ofsted 2008 Report

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