Our governance

KIDS is a registered charity, a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board comprises a mixture of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including individuals from the care sector, those with specific professional skills and parents of disabled children.

The current Board members are

Hilary Sears                          Chair
Chris Stefani                         Treasurer

Gabby Bertin

Teresa Culverwell

Austin Erwin

Richard Pogrel

Lindsay Thomas

David de Paeztron

Benet Middleton

Kerry Crichlow

Zoe Peden

Sue Turner

The full Board of Trustees meets at least six times per year. In addition to the full Board, the Finance and Audit Committee meets at least five times per year. The Finance and Audit Committee consists of the Chair and Treasurer and two other trustees along with other individuals appointed by the Trustees. 

The Trustees are responsible for the high level strategic development and direction of the charity. The day to day management of the charity, including staff and financial matters, is delegated to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is supported by a Senior Management Team comprising of the Finance Director, Fundraising Director, HR Director and Operational Directors of each of the five regional centres.

View our current Corporate Strategy.

View our latest published Annual Accounts and Financial statements.

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